The kriss vector and its patented recoil mitigating kriss super v system represents the first advancement in firearm operating systems in over a century. the gen ii vector is the next evolution of that advancement, transforming the vector from a standard firearm into a multi-caliber weapons system, with improved performance and ergonomics.


The KRISS Vector utilizes the KRISS Super V System to reduce muzzle climb by as much as 95% and felt recoil by as much as 60% when compared to traditional operating systems. The KRISS Super V System redirects recoil energy downward, and away from the shooter. Designed for the 21st century shooter, the KRISS Vector is the most controllable pistol caliber carbine in the world.

recoil-mitigation-kriss-system-1 recoil-mitigation-kriss-system-2 recoil-mitigation-kriss-system-3

Small, lightweight, bolt engages with slider mass to reduce felt recoil. Slider mass absorbs recoil energy and re-vectors it downward, away from the operator's shoulder, reducing barrel climb.


  1. TRIGGER: The GEN II trigger geometry gives the shooter a more connected feel with the Vector. The trigger features a smooth pull, a clean break, and a reset that is both audible and tactile.
  2. SAFETY: The safety throw on the KRISS Vector GEN II has been reduced to 45°, making it easier for most shooters to manipulate without changing their grip.
  3. ERGONOMICS: The contour and texture of the pistols grip more closely matches the profile of a closing fist to give the Vector GEN II a natural feel.
  4. GLOCK MAGAZINE: The KRISS Vector has always been compatible with the ubiquitous Glock magazine.
  5. ENHANCED SHROUD*: The KRISS Vector GEN II CRB Enhanced features a square shroud that more closely matches the profile of the Vector. This is an aftermarket upgrade for round shroud Vectors. *CRB Model Only

9 MM - .45 ACP Caliber Change

The KRISS Vector, now chambered in .45ACP and 9mm (Coming Fall, 2015), can alternate between calibers in seconds with out any tools.

Cerakote Ceramic Firearms Finish


Select KRISS Vector GEN II models are available in several CERAKOTE™ color variants.

CERAKOTE™ is a unique ceramic coating specially formulated to enhance resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and increase impact strength and hardness.

*CERAKOTE™ option NOT available for KRISS VECTOR CRB Enhanced model.